A meteor, attracted by the Earth's gravity, abandoned it's free wanderings through the Universe and entered it's (Earth's) atmosphere. This made the meteor briefly to shine, thus leaving a mark on the night sky. Should it not completely burn out, it will crash into thousand pieces.

Dry leaves are falling
From the tired, wet branches
Headlong to their doom...


It rained the whole afternoon from leaden clouds. Sudden change of weather brought a chill in the air reminding us of the inevitable coming of the autumn. The rain has stopped, the evening comes, soothingly, easing the outrage outburst of the skies.

Sky full of red clouds -
Watercolors of nature!
See the rainbow die!


Act I

Stretching his arms (for God's sake, a certain distance must be maintained!), an extremely rich gentleman from high society, held, next to the richly decorated Xmas tree (I mean, the decoration is in pure gold, the sensation of decoration is a question for dispute), an expensive fur coat, made of the skin of some dead animal, who didn't have chance to realise that this very fur became the reason of it's existance, for his wife (it stands in the documents so, at least), an extremely rich high-society-lady as well, yea, he held the fur for her, wrapped himself in the equally warm & expensive robe, and, thus warmed-up, they somehow managed to settle their rather huge bottoms into their drivered limo (extremely expensive), and drove to the City (where the stores are the most expensive).

He would like it green.
She insists it be scarlet!
A blue kitchen...

Act II

They arrived to the City, spent big money for gifts (why, it's Christmas, for God's sake! „In a barn, you say? Now, who would fancy that! Poor thing!“), including, of course, the most expensive toy-car and a doll for their children (presumably, they are a boy & a girl, they gotta check their names in the papers)!

Disappointed face
Of the boy 'fore Christmas tree:
A toy car, again!
Disappointed face
Of the girl 'fore Christmas tree:
It's a doll, again!


A tiny, yet brave, sparrow baldly decided to test his strength, so he, naked as he was, cast off into a cloud of extreme chill. He's almost done it, but the winter was nonetheless stronger! His dead body crashed into the middle of a grey, unsightly yard, so that everybody could see him, serving as a reminder.

A hazy window -
The shade is to be seen of
The Always Ready one...