cast both in heaven & on earth!
"You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true!
You may have to work for it, however..."
R. Bach: Illusions

Update - Winter 2014:

The whole site slightly graphically improved. The Photo-corner altered and expanded ('Caverna Magica' section added). Also, the Fractals chapter added.


Update - Winter 2008:

Well, this site’s dedication expands to photography, as well! As I mentioned earlier, Japanese poetry was a veeery importaint key for unlocking LIS, and (considering the similar sensibility) it made up for my disability to express myself through my old love – photography! This has dramatically changed!... :-}

Yet another powerful key (though not obvious one) for unlocking LIS, along with the others listed here, must be mentioned: It’s about The Tale Of the Mountaineer!

Also, some video (the documentary "Cast Both In Heaven & On Earth") is featured!


Original post - Summer 2004:

This site is currently dedicated to LIS & Japanese poetry and to the strong connection between the two. Probably, you are puzzled - „What the heck are those things? And how possibly can they be connected?“ Well, as far as I'm concerned, an ex-photographer, the Japanese poetry was a key (doable and a very mighty one!) for un-locking the LIS! Thanks to it's conciseness, it made a crucial route in long, long ascent to the inapproachable mountain called „normal life“. At the moment, I'm abandoning this route (temporarily - I hope) - one year has been a pretty logical cycle, eh? - there are still some parts left that I think I should (and can!) climb! By whatever misfortune a person gets plagued, I firmly hold that he/she shouldn't give up, neglect his/her pieces that have remained, but hope & fight for a better life! Not to be entirely passive, but act according to his/her real possibilities! Hope is like money - it should never be the goal itself, but the energy to reach the goal that one has set, a carrot on a stick!

Therefore, please, by no means don't think of this site to be finished, but that it is at it's primary stage! I shall keep developing it as long as I can! As I'm not quite dilligent both in action nor in typing (according to „normal“ rules), I don't intend to keep a blog or any form of diary), and I would appreciate it very much if you sent an e-message depicting your opinion about the themes or regarding the making of the site! Thanks!


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