Since a picture tells sooo much more than words, and it seems to me (no matter how much I exercise my humble mind & even humbler neck) many details remain obscured - I decided to include here some video as well. In 2004/5 the national television (HTV, division of HRT) shot a documentary film about my case (author: Vojo Šiljak; directed by: Tomislav Mršić). The movie is a bit out-of-date (due to the time distance - now is spring 2009!), but it shows some of those details (time boundary didn't allow to be more of them), thus revealing some aspects of my & my family's LISful life 4 yrs after my return home from hospital(s). Here you can see the web-optimized version (courtesy of HRT ©):

(Let me warn you that the movie lasts some 30 minutes, so please be patient with the download!...)