caverna magica

NOTE on title:

While all pics in this album are named individually, the title of the whole project is a tribute to the identically named musical album by Andreas Vollenweider, from 1983, wich significantly marked my youth!

When we moved to Novi Jelkovec, we came into a completely new apartment - I was the 1st inhabitant of my simple, small chamber, which I like to call a hermit's cave. It was immediately very simply equipped with only elementary things necessary for my everyday functioning: a hospital bed, a wheelchair, a chest for my stuff (topped with my camera+pan/tiltstand) and a PC with the wall-mounted monitor holder, but - at first, it's barren, white walls called for something to fill them. While pondering should I decorate them with paintings, photographs or pots with flowers, I noticed a strange & beautiful phenomenon, enabled by the abundant flowers on the window-pane, the neghbouring buildings and many parked cars in front of our building (the apartment is on the ground-floor). Beside resolving the dilemma, the phenomenon can carry the spectator (thanks to photography - not only me) to another dimension, a paralel world which resembles the outer reality, yet with a certain twist (resemblance with Plato's Cave not intended, but welcomed)! Namely:

During the summer (& good deal of spring and autumn), the sun shines at a certain angle onto the parked cars' windshields+mirrors (and reflexive surfaces on the nearby buildings - eg. windows, polished tin elemens). It reflects from them through the flowers seated on my window-panes, which then cast charming shadowed images (frequently with multiplied patterns, due to manyfold simultaneous reflections) - right onto the walls of my cave. As the window faces the north, I can watch this light-show whole-day-through (if it's sunny, of course), following the sun's path: in the morning on the western wall, about noon on the southern one (when lying on my back, or via my camera), and on the eastern one in the afternoon. Aditionally, the nearby library (abt. 100 m to the east, fully glass-covered) reflects the sunsetting-light onto my western wall again!...

Now, as I said earlier, my camera was always ready to take pics of my visitors or flowers brought by them (my previous projects), so, as soon as I discovered the phenomenon, I eagerly shot a couple of those shadowed images (and established a post-processing procedure for encreasing their modest contrast+toning them)! When I noticed their regular occurrence, a new project was concieved (also still open, to be continued). Not quite a photographic project - rather 'photographistic' one (I call these pics 'photograbbed shadographs')!...

You can see the majority of these photograbbed shadographs on deviantart, facebook and of course, on fotozine (also discontinued), but I also present a collection of them here, in the cm-gallery!

On 1st Jan 2012 a 4-item collection of photos from 'Caverna Magica' won the grand prix at the Fotoklub Split's traditional newyear's exhibition. Very soon after that, I compiled the up-to-then (Jan 2012) shadographs in a short intermediate overview, in this slideshow (cm_1):

The shadographs that followed in 2012, 13 & 14 are compiled in this slideshow (cm_2):


During the project's build-up, my growing interest for the time-lapse photography/video also increased, which resulted in making a number of video-clips, some of which are also available below: